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EsX interviews Frank Spotnitz


It’s been a while since the day we had the chance to talk to Frank Sponitz in Madrid. He came as a guest on March 2th to an event called “Talent Madrid”. The organization team invited him to present an award in a competition which tries to choose the best one in several categories like theatre, dance, clowns…

We profit this great opportunity to meet him in a short interview and we discover how close and pleasant the man is. We talk about his present and future projects, about “Hunted”, “X-Files”, “XF3”, the possibility of crowdfunding and the new comic book series.

We have to keep in mind that this conversation was recorded one day before the announcement of an X Files tenth season in comics. Frank didn’t know anything about this news, and he thought Chris Carter wouldn’t be involved on it because “he is not a comic book man”. He also said that this could be the year of a great announcement about “X-Files” but, in addition, he said that the money isn’t the only obstacle stopping the third film. He gave us hope but, as always, it depends on “Fox”, that’s the true.

I apologize for my awful English but I upload the audio in order you can listen to the interview. Enjoy!

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